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The Yachts Magazine Group (YMG) has its roots

in Cannes, France, where the group’s first publication started

20 years ago. From day one, Yachts Magazine has capitalized

on both the professional experience and the unparalleled

work ethic of its editorial staff. We produce our own

photographs and our experienced journalists bring you

detailed information and insightful interviews with yacht

owners, shipbuilders and designers. Whether the yachts are

priced at $1 or $100 million dollars, we objectively deliver

the whole story to our readers, essentially bringing them

aboard like no other magazine in the world.

Acclaimed by the European yachting industry, our first

publication, Yachts France was followed by Yachts International

in the U.S. Based in Fort Lauderdale, the publication

was founded on the same editorial passion for objective, well

written and strongly documented articles.

Following in the exponential growth of the company, we

launched Yachts Italy out of Viareggio, Yachts Russia out

of Moscow and, more recently Yachts Adriatic out of Split,

Croatia and Yachts Emirates out of Dubai.

Providing the highest editorial standard within the industry

and a global yet highly targeted circulation, our publications

are the ultimate tools to reach the most affluent yacht owners

in the world. Following the developments of each and

every growing market, we are currently working on a Spanish

and Mexican edition.



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